Young Dudes Fuck for Money

Dirty Scout 234

I feel bad about this young man. He was such a sweet guy and I wasn’t very nice to him. He was kind of an intellectual. Reading books and drinking coffee with friends were some of his hobbies.  He was very passionate about gastronomy, unfortunately he wasn’t very assertive. He truly enjoyed cooking but his former boss was taking advantage of his lack of confidence. The guy made a very good impression on me so I didn’t think twice and hired him as a hotel cook. I knew that I was going to fuck him hard. I always give docile cuties like him a very rough ride. He managed to suck my cock nicely and it was simply adorable. Taking my boner up the ass was a lot harder. He moaned all the time….

Cabin Fever

Eveline Dellai / Peter (Dom Ully) / Thomas Salek (Tomas Salek)

Eveline Dellai, Peter and Thomas Salek are three horny co-eds holed up in a cabin for the weekend. Eveline is sick of the boys spending all of their time with their noses in books, but when Peter suggests a game of strip poker things start heating up. The sexy trio strip down and get to know each other better, sucking and licking each other’s lean bodies by the fireplace. The horny bisexuals take turn pounding and getting pounded, filling their holes with each other in this hot and heavy bisexual three-way.

Czech Hunter 529

I was walking around the old city centre when I bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18 years old dude, who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke. Mainly because Marian liked casinos… That was good news, gamblers are always easy. I offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20 000 Crowns for sex. He hesitated for a second and then took me to his place. The dude used to hit the gym so his body was superb, not to mention his beautiful cock. I couldn’t help myself and sucked him off right away. Then I let him take good care of my entire body. Marian had some experience but his ass was still incredibly tight. He probably just fooled around a bit and I was his first proper gay ride. He took it well but his poor butt hurt a bit after I was done.

Clever Alexis

Alexis Crystal / Thomas Friedl / Adam Veller

Adam Veller, isn’t the greatest at working out with his trainers. He is sensitive and weak! They are annoyed and need to figure what he’s good at! Naughty, Alexis Crystal, suggests he should suck, Thomas’ dick and lick her pussy! He proves to them how good he can b. It’s time to make them both cum harder than ever!

Navy Guy Landon Jacks Off


Cute and quiet with a nice body and hot bubble-butt, Landon is a Navy guy with a kinky side. It took him no time to pop a tent in his shorts, but he still turned red as a beet when he got called out. Landon worked himself up and looked like he was ready to blow any second. He shot big globs of cum on himself and all over the carpet, too, and the slo-mo replay shows just how much.

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