Seduced Straight Boys

18th Birthday

Raunchy Bastards #224

This vid was truly a rare opportunity for me to film. Landon Matthews had just turned 18, and I had never met him. But he contacted me around 845am and told me that he was eager to get into some porn. With chicks. I told him that I didn’t have anyone on call for a shoot, but that since he only lived a few hours away, he was more than welcome to come over and show me his stuff. Sure enough, a few hours later, there he was standing on my doorstep. I triple checked his ID and then got out my camera.

Like most 18 year olds, Landon got hard right away, and he really worked up a sweat wanking his pud. It was sexy watching him, and I got the sense that he was kinda getting off on being watched. He’s definitely got a freak in him (as I have discovered a lot more about since that day). Anyway, I thought you all would enjoy this excellent jerk off vid. What a difference a day makes!

Brett Milked During His Massage


Brett is a sexy uncut French Canadian with a nice fat cock and hot body. A friend of mine is a massage therapist and he filmed Brett getting milked during his massage session. The smoking-hot 24-year-old had no trouble getting it up as my friend’s skilled hands ran up and down his body. Brett’s cock is a handful, and he gets his ass played with while he’s being stroked. Finally, Brett shoots stream after stream of hot jizz all over his hard six-pack.

Nico Stiles Tickle Tortured


21-year-old straight boy Nico thinks he can handle being tickled by Franco. His girlfriend tickles him, right? He quickly learns that’s not the case here. His body tenses and he flails as much as he can, trying to resist the tickle torture. Franco moves all around Nico’s body finding his most sensitive spots. He tickles him on his sides and in his armpits before torturing his belly. Nico grimaces and growls as the tickling becomes more intense. He swears loudly when Franco tickles his inner thighs, but the sensation is nothing compared to being tickled on his size 13 feet. He struggles so much against the tickle torture that his jerking moves the entire tickling table! Nico tries desperately to unlatch himself, but he just can’t. He begs for it to stop, but Franco won’t quit until he’s satisfied. The session ends with a deep-throat blowjob and torture of Nico’s huge cock.

Josh Is Ready To Put On A Show


This 21-year-old is not shy and tells me that he’s already had experience with swinging couples and group sex. He has a really nice cock I can’t wait to get my hands on. I love stroking him and hearing him moan as he really gets into it. He loves looking into the camera, too, like he was born to be a porn star. Josh moans even more and pumps his hips up and down as I stroke him to a big gasping climax.

Maintain Vocal Wriggling

Boys Halfway House Incident #264

The one thing about residents who are slobs: it’s contagious. One guy leaves his bed unmade, and sooner or later the entire House is a wreck, and everyone of these residents are slacking. Because of this, we try to approach the problems as soon as they begin, and usually a heavy handed approach works the best. With this one, it sure did the trick.

The nice thing about this 19 year old is that he has such a boy-next-door face and a nice lean smooth bod. It definitely made it easier to castigate him than some of the others. Just having those baby blues stare up at me while he was stroking my dick – it made my day. I also could tell by the look in his eyes that this would be one good fuck. This prediction was affirmed when his lips wrapped around my shaft. Natural born cocksucker!

His hole, though, it was even better. I couldn’t believe how pliable it was, and how good it felt. While I was fucking his hole raw, I made sure to spit on him, just so that he knew his place. And for good measure, I pulled my cock out and shoved it into his mouth before returning to he fucking. By the time I was finished with this reject, he had been squirming and wriggling all over the futon, and whimpering like a little bitch. After depositing my load deep inside his hole, I squeezed the last few drops out of my cock and flicked them into his mouth. This future cum whore would probably be more tidy in the future, that’s for sure. However, thankfully there will probably be dozens of other reasons to fuck him.

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