Muscled Athlet Buddies Jerking Off, Being Sucked and Fucked

Adam Von – Jerk-Off

Peep Show

Adam is a talker in this video. Not dirty talk, but talking to the cameraman. He is very turned-on showing off his shaved slick body.
At first, I thought he was a straight guy, but I realized gay porn was playing for him. He also got off watching himself in the mirror.

Kenny Salinger


We all know Marty Stevens as our head director, but we sometimes forget that he started his time here as a model and then still photographer. Although the time has long passed since he stopped getting naked for us, he still like to keep his eye in with photography every now and then and today we have sexy 20 year old Kenny Salinger in from of the lens.
Kenny is studying to be an engineer, but in the meantime likes to keep fit with a lot of body weight training… and we must say that the results are very pleasing.  With regards to looks, he reminds us a little of a young Manuel Rios and he also has a very open and cheery personality to go with his good looks, great body and rock hard dick.

Slam Fucked and Fed

Boys Halfway House Incident #291

Tyler is one of those residents who just can’t get his shit together. No matter the circumstance, he finds himself on the other side of the rules. Thankfully, generally speaking the infractions are minor. However, if we weren’t to punish him forcefully, what would the other residents think? One rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. So, after many different lapses of judgement on his part, the House Manager decided to go harder than he had gone before.

Because he is such a delinquent, even in the structured environment of the House, you can imagine that he has gotten exquisite at giving blow jobs. He’s practically at fluffer level expertise. And this definitely makes the House Manager job much more of a pleasure. Tyler just goes to town on my cock, and although he doesn’t seem to particularly love it, it even made me wonder. What happened next though confirmed my suspicion that he is at this point just a downtrodden whore, performing his show when he gets in trouble.

I asked to see his ass as he straddle me. He spread his cheeks, revealing that beautiful boy cunt, and then shook his ass cheeks and grinded that hole on my cock like a stripper in the champagne room. Wowzers! That surely got me riled up beyond believe, and when I had him ride me the punishment session turned into one of my favorites ever. He rode my cock like an Olympic athlete, and by the time I got around to laying him on his back, that hole was already wide open and ready for a slam fuck.

I fucked him harder, deeper, and longer than I’ve fucked a resident in a while, and it had to have been sore after a while. However, not wanting to seem like a whimp, he kept up the facade that it was no biggie. At one point he did say, “Damn, you’re fucking me so hard!” And he was correct. I blew that teenage hole completely out of shape.

I pulled out and told him to finger his swollen hole while I dumped my load in his mouth. There he was, mouthful of cum, spreading his cheeks to show me his now bright red pussy. It’s a shame it had to come to this, really, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Uncut Latino Sucked Off At A Gloryhole


Dillon’s big uncut dick hardens right away from the blowjob he gets at this makeshift gloryhole. He grimaces, shakes and squeezes his ass cheeks as he gets closer and closer to cumming. And when Dillon busts his nut, he shoots gobs and gobs of cum before his cock is sucked clean.

The Kind Of Boy Daddy Likes

Raunchy Bastards#309

I like all kinds of guys, as long as they are young and sexy. I usually end up hooking up with guys who are a little more rough around the edges, but on occasion, I get a nice clean cut suburban dude. The nice thing about them is that they are so submissive and eager to please. Must be all those sports they played in high school. Or maybe band. At any rate, their politeness translates into me getting a nut, no matter what.

This guy was 21 years old, and although it seemed to me that he was pretty well off, he thought he needed a side gig to raise some money for a small business he wanted to start. I offered him something for his time, and we agreed on a massage. Well, he certainly did give me a nice massage – and I gave him one, too! I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was hard, though, and so soon enough his cock was out of his pants. I blew him, and he returned the favor. Before you know it, my face was buried in his hole.

Well, I sure got lucky, because he seemed to love it, and he let me fuck him raw. I fucked him good, too. So good, in fact, that he was rock hard and had an intense orgasm while I was pounding away. It was so hot that right thereafter I dumped a load inside of him. I usually don’t care if the guy cums or not, I’m just looking to get my rocks off, but when he came, it definitely got me nor excited than usual. Maybe it’s because I was thinking that when he walked back into his parents house – where he still lives – he would be oozing my daddy jizz out of his hole still.

Jules Bourget


We have a third different photographer for you today in as many weeks as we ask Luke Hamill to pick up the camera again and provide us with some images of newcomer Jules Bourget.
Jules is a happy-go-lucky lad who just enjoys experiencing life almost as must as we enjoyed experiencing him.. Tall and lean he does not quite fit the mould of a jock, and yet doesn’t fit into the twink category either. He has a nice natural covering of body hair framing a lusciously big dick. As he is another new face for all of you, we are keenly waiting to hear your opinion.

Raring To Go

Tutor Him Lesson #TH053

Miss Sophia has Jake come over today to check up on his progress with his English and grammar homework. She can tell he’s getting a little better but he just doesn’t seem to quite grasp everything. And that’s just what she’s good at. She can’t seem to last more than 5 minutes before she’s rubbing her hand all over his legs and taking his shirt off. And she can’t help but notice how athletic he is and how defined his young rock hard muscles are. She starts caressing him and taking in every inch of him. She gets him fully undressed and back on the couch to start stroking him, she knows just how to touch these young guys, and even more just what to say to make sure they do exactly what she wants. She puts him through a few positions while she drains his balls and he explodes all over himself.

Recidivist Fucked And Fed


Well, like a lot of former residents, this one is back. Surprise, surprise. The good news is that he looks better than he used to: It seems that he’s been doing some summer outdoor work, and he is tan. He also has a few more tattoos than when we saw him last. The bad news is that his problems have gotten worse. That outdoor job was lost fairly quickly, and he descended into a pit of despair and imbibing. He’s not the first guy we see a few years later, but at least he doesn’t look all fucked up like most of them do.

When he was a teen, he was pale and reserved, and frankly easy to boss around, but difficult to fuck. Now that he is older, I think that he has a bit of a sense of entitlement. You know, like “the rules are for the younger guys” attitude, or taking advantage of the fact he has known some of us Managers for years. He’s not pulling the wool over this guy’s eyes, however. You can smell the evidence on his breath. It’s sad. On the other hand, we must have fucked his mind up so good after the first go around, he seems a lot more eager to please those in authority, if you know what I mean. The one who used to be awkward and not such a good fuck has turned into a tall, handsome people pleasing machine. His BJs are better for sure, and his ass – well, it’s something else these days. He’s a great fuck now. I am kind of glad that he fell off the wagon.

I fucked him in five different positions because his hole felt so good, and even riding my cock, you could see in his eyes that he was truly sorry to upset me, and that he wanted to make it right. It warms the heart, almost. Well, after using him like I used to use an old ratty sock back in my school days, I dumped my load right onto his tongue. It swelled like a river down into his gullet. And whereas a lot of guys like him would have winced or gagged, he took it like a chance. I guess he figures that making up for obedience in one area can absolve him of disobedience in another. Well, he’s not correct in that, but he’s gonna definitely be my go-to dump here for the next few months, I can tell you that.

21 & Full Of Cum

Raunchy Bastards#319

Jack Simmons and I chatted for a while before I actually met him in person. He works and he takes classes, so he is a very busy guy. I was lucky to get him for 24 hours, although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Jack is blond with clear green eyes, sort of boy next door looking. He lives with his girlfriend, and he hadn’t done any porn outside of some camming before. I mean, that is more than most guys, I suppose. When I picked him up, however, I realized that he was going to be one cool guy to be hanging around. I didn’t realize until I got him naked, though, that he is a sex-crazed hornball with a massive cock!

After shooting some photos, I was pretty confident that I was going to be able to have some fun with him. After all, he was hard before he even touched himself! As he took his underwear off, out popped a big dick just waiting for some fun to happen. I couldn’t just let him jerk himself off, that would have been a shame. So, I saddled up next to him and had a feel for myself. His dick was throbbing, and he was very receptive. One thing led to another, and sure enough I had my face buried in his ass within minutes! Damn, he had a nice hole, too. If I could have, I would have just eaten him out for hours. I did want to see, however, if Jack liked my cock, so I asked him to suck me off. I could tell instantly that there was some part of him that was cock-hungry, because he treated my dick like a trophy. He licked, sucked, and kissed it, and I let him get to know it for a long time. He must have been happy playing with my pole, too, because his boner got even harder, and was throbbing even more.

With all the signs pointing in the right direction, I lifted his legs and lubed up. As my cock went in, his own dick just stood right at attention, and as I loosened up his hole and picked up the pace, his demeanor changed from curious young man to cum whore. He loved it. I was happy to see that, because I was loving it, too! I pounding this guy down, and he was enjoying every second of it right up until I jerked him off while my dick was balls deep inside of him. This was one very satisfying fuck. I wish all 21 year old dudes were as content getting dicked down as Jack was!

Tender Care Is A Must

Tutor Him#038

Kiki Klout truly loves making sure her students are stress free. Mark was lucky enough to have Kiki as his tutor for his English lessons. Things started off well, Mark was catching onto things quickly. This turned Kiki on and she just couldn’t help herself. Kiki started rubbing up on Mark and asked to take his pants off so she can do what she really came here to do. Immediately Mark is hard as a rock. Kiki starts working his cock and she could sense that he was already about to blow. So Kiki starts going at him with two hands and before ya know it Mark blows a load right in her hand. Kiki was surprised but wasn’t done, she’s going to make him cum again. She has Mark stand up and take his shirt off to put him in her favorite position. Kiki sure does love cradling these pupils, she’s ready to finish the job. Eagerly stroking, Kiki is just as relieved as Mark. He cums all over her hand for a second time.

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