Straight Boys Being Gays For Money

Bareback Exploration

Raunchy Bastards#335

I was eagerly awaiting Todd’s arrival before this scene. Cole Church showed up the day before, ready to make some money, and I got Todd on the horn as fast as I could. Thankfully, he was able to come over before he went to work. I knew Todd could take Cole’s monster cock. Since he hadn’t fucked a dude before, I wanted to make sure that his first time was with someone with at least a little experience (Cole would fuck Alek again the next day – and Alek was a virgin. So that goes to show how fast of a learner Cole is).

Although he was visibly nervous, he was eager for payday, and he was also strangely dedicated to doing a good job, since he had committed to it. I always prefer working with these types of guys, rather than the guys who want to get paid but complain about it all along the way. Cole wanted to demonstrate to me that he was an aggressive, top-type guy. And with a cock like his, I was hoping he was right. I definitely watched in amazement as Cole throat fucked Todd, and once Cole had slid his pole inside Todd’s receptive hole, the fucking was fantastic. Cole sure gave Todd a work out! Cole wanted to finish in Todd’s mouth. It was funny, too, because Todd had never tasted another guy’s cum before, but he was all game. The guys definitely clicked from a chemistry perspective, and I have a feeling it’s because they are both from the same type of background – pickup truck driving, beer swigging types. It’s a hot fuck, and it looked like Cole was learning a lot in his exploration of guy-sex. We shall see how he keeps progressing!

Enrique and Warren


I ask young father and go-go dancer Enrique about his new Dominican girlfriend. He tells me he’s been banging her for days and has probably shot twenty loads so far. Warren and I are impressed, but I hope he saved a nut for the camera! The guys stroke their cocks while Warren talks about his Latina girlfriend. I tell Warren to grab Enrique’s uncut cock, and it thickens up pretty quickly. Even though Enrique won’t suck cock, gay-for-pay stud Warren’s got no hang-ups about it. Stroking side-by-side, Warren is the first to cum. He knows I pay extra for multiple loads, so he keeps jacking his cock. Enrique’s hot semen flows down his fingers. Then, when Enrique’s latin-accented dirty talk reminds him of his girlfriend, Warren suddenly cums again.

Sheridan Smith


We have a fresh face for you this week with Sheridan Smith making his premiere appearance as model of the week. Fair hair, pale eyes and a covering of faint freckles make Sheridan quite a striking guy. Today he is with Eliot during a weekend that they spent in Berlin for the photoshoot, with our resident photographer making sure to do his very best to show off our sexy lad.

Max – Solo

Sean Cody – Max Campbell

It’s taken over a year, but cute blond Max has finally made it to the Sean Cody studio to film his first solo. Max says he was looking for some excitement to add to his usual routine of working out five days a week and wheeling and dealing in real estate, and he’s come to the right place! The interview quickly gets personal, and Max divulges, “I don’t know, I’ve been told I have a pretty good dick. Uncut, and then meaty. It gets compliments.” He’s sensual but also enjoys pushing boundaries, and is all about making sure his partner has a good time. Max gets started by stroking and teasing his muscular chest, pushing up his tight white t-shirt before stripping it off and playing with his nipples. Max takes off his jeans and rubs his uncut cock through his briefs, finally tugging it out and stroking it. This hunk gives you a great view of his ass as he gets on all fours, then kneels and jacks his cock till he cums, and he’s got more in store for you.

FamChaser 11: Snuggle

Reality Dudes: Andy Taylor / Pierce Paris

My stepson, Andy Taylor, barged in on me while I was stroking my cock and got into bed with me! His ass kept pressing up against my leg, and it wasn’t helping my hard-on go away. When he caught me touching myself, he offered to get me off and started sucking my dick, then got on top and sat on it. He lay back and I stretched out his little hole, then I had him get on his knees so I could pound him doggystyle. I fucked the cum out of him as I penetrated him in missionary while he jacked his cock, then I pulled out and gave him my load all over that hole.

Tender Care Is A Must

Tutor Him#038

Kiki Klout truly loves making sure her students are stress free. Mark was lucky enough to have Kiki as his tutor for his English lessons. Things started off well, Mark was catching onto things quickly. This turned Kiki on and she just couldn’t help herself. Kiki started rubbing up on Mark and asked to take his pants off so she can do what she really came here to do. Immediately Mark is hard as a rock. Kiki starts working his cock and she could sense that he was already about to blow. So Kiki starts going at him with two hands and before ya know it Mark blows a load right in her hand. Kiki was surprised but wasn’t done, she’s going to make him cum again. She has Mark stand up and take his shirt off to put him in her favorite position. Kiki sure does love cradling these pupils, she’s ready to finish the job. Eagerly stroking, Kiki is just as relieved as Mark. He cums all over her hand for a second time.

Straight Boy Chris Wayne


Franco slips off Chris’ ripped jeans and makes the 20-year-old show his cute butt before clipping the skinny, smooth, straight guy down. Since Chris admits his feet are super-ticklish, Franco saves those for later and starts on Chris’ pits and ribs. He moves down to the knees and thighs, finding them highly ticklish, too, but Chris’ size 10 1/2 feet are calling his name. He tickles the left foot bare and the right through the sock before exposing both creamy white and pink soles. Franco fucks with Chris’ senses by tickling the ball of his foot and between his toes with all sorts of dental brushes and a soap saver. He tickles Chris’ balls and inner thighs lightly with a watercolor brush, then blows raspberries on his flat stomach and tickles his lower ribs. After a nice deep tickle in the pits, Franco returns to Chris’ feet, using a scalp massager a Tickled Hard member gifted him. Chris bounces his sweet body around and laughs with ecstasy as Franco tickles his soles with even more brushes, varying the sensation and increasing the intensity. Franco doles out an annoying tickle to Chris’ neck and ears, driving the kid crazy, before climbing on top for a final tickle of Chris’ ribs, tummy and pits. When Chris can’t breathe anymore, Franco finally unhooks the cute boy and allows him to relieve the overwhelming pressure by stroking one out.

21-Year-Old Jeremy Jerks Off


Pretty 21-year-old Jeremy auditioned because he wants to have fun making money and thinks he can be a famous porn star someday. With that hot body and handsome face, he just might be right! Listen to Jeremy moan as he shoots his thick load on his stomach.

Handy Wipe


I introduce Victor and Gage to each other and get them out of their clothes. Once they’re naked, I make them stand and hug. They’re clearly uncomfortable, but I make them sit close and grab each other’s dicks. I ask Gage to suck Victor’s huge uncut cock, and he chokes it down as best he can. It must be some good head because Victor is ready to nut pretty fast! Gage wipes Victor’s sticky jizz from his hand onto Victor’s leg. Victor refuses to suck cock, but I convince him to stroke a load out of Gage. He completes his first ever handjob on another guy and, just like Gage, wipes the sticky stuff all over its donor.

Reef: 21-Year-Old Skater Cums In My Mouth


Reef told me he couldn’t get off with another guy, but I thought I would give it the college try. I oil up his cock and notice that he has tons of pre-cum leaking out. I can tell Reef’s horny as hell. As I lick his balls and suck his cock, Reef tells me he’s ready to shoot. I have to slow him down so I can have a little more fun before he cums. Reef makes so much noise when he nuts in my mouth. You have to see it to believe it! So much for not being able to cum with another guy.

Daan Jeffries


Daan Jeffries is a very sexy guy that many of you think we do not feature often enough, so we asked Eliot to grab his camera so that we are able to highlight him as model of the week. Today’s pictures are the result.

Sooner Or Later You Pay


This resident has a heap of problems, and he is causing us problems here at the House. Firstly, he hasn’t paid rent in a few weeks. Secondly, he is completely out of control. Luckily for us, we have some tricks up out sleeve that helps us ensure “compliance.” It’s a painful process for most, but it sure does the trick. I confronted him about the rent, and all I got was a stupid grin, so I whipped my cock out and put his hand on it. That sure wiped the smile off of his face. After getting me hard, I maade sure to give him a nice throat massage with my cock. Actually, I have to say he wasn’t that bad. I’ve seen his rap sheet, so I can imagine that he is probably well versed in giving oral favors in exchange for the items he wants. So there’s that. His butthole, on the other hand, was a whole different story.

This fucker was tight – tighter than most – at first. But I could also sense that he has a high tolerance for discomfort. After all, I’m pretty sure he has some kind of nerve compromise after all the party favors he’s done over the course of his short life. So, in the end he ended up just being my personal cum rag for the afternoon. After getting his hole opened up in missionary, I made sure to get him on his knees. From there I could admire his nice bubble butt, and it sure was nice to grab ahold of while I was stretching out his anus. Sure, he was groaning and moaning, but I didn’t think much of it. All I cared about was getting my rocks off at that point. He’s not too big of a guy, so once I got him in a nice hold, I was able to dump my semen into him pretty easily. All in all, I definitely think he’ll be more fastidious about paying rent, at least until next week. But he will pay, sooner or later. One way or another.

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