Straight Guys Tricked into Gay Games

Gym Twink In The Rest Room

Alexander Light

Alexander always needs to jack off after the gym, not always in the showers.

Luis 2: Hot Boxer’s First Gay Blowjob


Muscular boxer Luis is just my type, and I finally get to blow him. He jerks his uncut cock until it gets nice and hard, then I make my move. First I stroke him a little, then I start blowing him. It isn’t long before he says he’s ready to cum, so I stop and make him change positions. Luis stands up and I start blowing him again. I get lots of good shots of his perfect ass, his balls and close-ups of that uncut dick. He lets me know that he really has to cum, so I drain his dick with my mouth until he’s panting and moaning in pleasure. After it’s all done, Luis tells me it’s better than being blown by his girlfriend.

Allen – More Ticklish After He Cums


Young straight construction worker Allen didn’t want to be tickled, but work is slow and Franco offered to slip him some cash if he would agree to it. After reluctantly saying yes, Franco chains Allen’s ankles to the frame he and Allen put together and binds his hands over his head for easy access to Allen’s naked body. Allen giggles and curls his toes as Franco explores his ticklish spots, including his balls and furry taint. He jumps and laughs as his dick gets harder, and of course Franco takes notice. Franco sucks Allen off, then blindfolds him and starts tickling Allen’s size 8 1⁄2 feet. Allen is definitely more sensitive after getting off, not only on his feet, but everywhere else, too. After a good amount of foot tickling, Franco finishes with Allen’s ticklish nipples and armpits.

Bareback Virgin


19-year-old Gage teaches 18-year-old Joseph a lesson. He fucks Joseph’s virgin hole bareback with his big dick, makes him cum, then shoots his own load all over Joseph’s leg. Before the shoot, I tell Gage he should take charge and be a little rough with sweet young Joseph. I get the ball rolling by telling the guys to take each other’s clothes off. After a very uncomfortable kiss, it almost seems easy for Gage and Joseph to stroke each other. So I make Joseph lick Gage’s nipples, then suck on his dick. Gage preps Joseph’s tight butthole with his lubed finger while he gets head. He puts Joseph on all fours and sticks it in hard and raw. Then he fucks Joseph face down on the couch so he’s got nowhere to go. Gage makes Joseph straddle him and fucks him forward and backward until Joseph loses his load. He keeps fucking him until Joseph can’t handle any more. Gage pulls out, jacks his cock and cums down Joseph’s leg.

Ryan and Milo Go Gay For Pay


Ryan and Milo are willing to mess around with each other for the right price, and both try to make as much money as they can. I make Ryan and Milo get naked, and since they won’t kiss, I tell them to hug and rub on each other. They grab each other’s dicks, and I make them swap blowjobs before they stroke themselves side-by-side on the couch. I want to see some cock on ass, so I walk the guys through it. Ryan lubes up Milo’s ass and slides his hard cock up and down his crack. Then, after a little more stroking, it’s Milo’s turn to be on top. Since Ryan cums first, he gets to shoot on Milo. I offer him more money for a second load, and he’s able to do it right away! Milo finally pops his big nut, and I make Ryan one last offer for exttra cash if he licks up all Milo’s cum.

Donny’s Audition


Nothing bothers laid-back surfer Donny. This 20-year-old straight stud gladly strips naked, easily gets hard and has no problem stroking out a juicy load for the cameras. Donny’s really confident as he takes his clothes off for me and strokes his big dick. He gets hard right away and tells me about how he likes fucking his girlfriend in the ass. That sure does give me ideas. Donny casually strokes his cock and pets his balls. I tease him a little about getting him to try sucking cock, but Donny’s already in the zone. He focuses on the head of his swollen cock, jacking faster until he busts his juicy nut.

Warren’s Virgin Hole


Straight guy Warren has enjoyed a little rim play in the past, but he’s never had anything deep inside his virgin hole. With a lot of lube and extra dollars on the line, he takes an anal bead wand up to the hilt and even manages a few inches on a big dildo before popping his hot, juicy nut. Warren strokes his cock and fingers around the outside of his hole to warm it up. His leg twitches as he slips the anal beads inside him piece by piece. He closes his eyes and slowly makes it all the way in. Next up is a thick dildo, and Warren does his best to take what he can. I tell him to try different positions, and he’s able to get the first few inches inside. Warren fucks his hole gently until he busts a juicy nut on his stomach.

Tex Tricked Into Gay BJ


Straight southern guy Tex is from the local military base. His buddy told him he could make some extra cash by jacking off for me on camera. He rubs his boner through his boxer shorts, making it nice and hard. I tell him to stand up so I can oil his body…and grope his dick! He doesn’t seem to mind, so I have him lie back on the bed and watch porn while I jack and suck him. After he cums in my mouth, I mess with his head some more, asking him when he’s going to cum.

Kae’s Tickle Ecstasy


Franco gets slender 19-year-old Kae to strip and climb onto the tickling table. He gently tickles his torso and quickly moves down to Kae’s size 11 feet. Kae giggles and squirms as Franco tickles and licks his feet. Kae loves it! Franco nibbles on Kae’s side and tickles his belly with his beard. He reaches under Kae and tickles his back and sides. Kae is strong for his size and even struggles hard enough to break part of the tickling table. After a quick break, the tickle ecstasy continues, and Kae tenses every muscle in his body and moans with laughter. Franco tickles Kae’s asshole and butt cheeks, but he’s not done yet. There’s another foot to be tickled, and Franco pins Kae’s leg to do it. It’s time for the electric toothbrush, and Kae’s never felt a sensation like this! Franco finishes him off with the pet grooming brush on both feet until Kae is totally sweaty and exhausted.

Parker 2: Straight Boy’s 8-Incher Sucked


Parker gets his 8-inch cock nice and hard so I can get down to business working on that thing. I get some good angles of Parker’s cock while I’m stroking and sucking it. His is one of the hottest cocks I’ve ever seen. You can tell Parker isn’t completely comfortable with the fact that a guy is sucking his dick, but he loves head so much, he just can’t say no to a good blowjob. Gripping the bed like he is about to blast off, he shoots a big load all over his sexy chest.

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