Serving and Worshipping Straight Dudes

Robbie Gets Initiated


Athletic college student Robbie thinks he’s here for a solo jack-off video, but I have other plans for this muscular young stud and his big black dick. Robbie says he parties too much in college, but since he works out every day, you can’t tell it from his physique. He strips to his boxer briefs and shows off his big arms, legs and perfect butt. I pass Robbie the lube so he can grease up his dick, then move in to give him a helping hand. He doesn’t flinch from the handjob, so I go down on him. When Robbie says he likes how I suck his dick, I deep throat him. I can’t get enough of his hard cock, and Robbie’s eyes roll back as I focus on his cockhead and he starts to cum in my mouth. Robbie doesn’t cum a lot, so I keep jacking him until I squeeze out every last drop.

Hot Blonde Skater At The Gloryhole


Cody’s got a big fat dick, and he’s ready for an awesome blowjob. Once his whole dick and balls are through, I begin sucking and licking him. He stays rock hard and clearly is enjoying himself. I don’t want Cody to pop right away, so I work him right up to the edge. When he starts moaning and breathing deep, I know he’s ready to blow his load. Finally, with a few rubs of his taint, he shoots all over my face.

Johnny Ambushed


Franco binds 21-year-old Johnny to the table with restrictive ropes, then Trevor arrives and helps wrap Johnny’s midsection with plastic wrap. Franco and Trevor explore this straight guy’s furry little body and size 9 feet, exposing all of his ticklish spots using lubed fingers, ice cubes, pens and more. Cody and Abel show up for the grand finale, with all four guys tickling different parts of Johnny at once.

Garrett’s Huge Uncut Cock Sucked By A Married Man


Even though married guy Frank was nervous about sucking cock for the first time, I could tell he was looking forward to it. He couldn’t have had a more impressive one for his trial run. Garrett is HUGE. This is Garrett’s first time getting his cock sucked by a guy and he was a bit nervous, too. Once he relaxed, that uncut cock began to grow – and grow – and grow. Garrett was gasping and moaning as Frank licked his balls and tried to deep-throat the entire shaft. Garrett took matters into his own hands, and while Frank watched, he played with his asshole and milked that nine-incher until it squirted on his stomach.



Big black straight hunk Jason says he feels like he was tricked into doing what he did with Christopher, but it definitely looks like he enjoyed it in the moment. He sucks cock, eats ass and helps Christopher bust a nut before cumming a big load himself. Jason’s not quite sure what’s going on, which is exactly how I like it. I have Christopher take the lead and Jason follows, doing everything that Christopher does as they undress each other. When Christopher leans in to suck Jason’s dick, Jason stops him. Then with a wink, he lets Christopher in. To my surprise, Jason doesn’t hesitate when it’s his turn to suck cock. I get some great shots of Jason’s incredible ass and legs from behind. I set the guys up in a 69 with Christopher on top. Jason fucks his face until he chokes. Then after a short break, the guys switch places. It gives Jason the perfect angle to stick his long tongue deep into Christopher’s hole. Since I want to see some cum, I put the guys side-by-side so they can jack each other. Christopher cums first, shooting a huge load, and Jason surprises me again by going in for a taste. I make him stroke Christopher’s sensitive cock. Finally, Jason is ready to cum. He gets himself close, then grabs Christopher’s hand so he can finish him off. Christopher squeezes a nice, thick load out of Jason’s cock.

Trevor Solo


Trevor just turned 22 and is recovering from a long weekend of partying with his girlfriend. He uses the recent memories of that sexcapade to stroke a thick load out of his massive uncut cock. Trevor shows me his size 13 feet before getting naked on the couch. He tells me about his sex adventures while he strokes his uncut cock. It doesn’t take long before his enormous tool is rock hard. Trevor closes his eyes, pictures the weekend and shoots a big, thick load from his swollen purple dick.

Michael B’s Tickling Ecstasy


19-year-old soccer player Michael hops up on the table and takes off his boxer briefs. Franco slips him into a tight pair of patterned sheer dress socks and straps him down. Clearly, there’s some sexual chemistry between this tickle top and his latest boy! They exchange looks and kiss, and the tickling begins. Franco explores Michael’s slender body with his thick fingers and finds all the ticklish spots on his torso. He then uses feathers to exploit the sensitive spots he found, causing Michael to twist and giggle with pleasure. Michael barely can catch his breath between laughing and writhing from the gentle, thorough tickling Franco delivers with his array of feathers. Next up are Michael’s size 9 feet, which he learns are super-ticklish! After tickling them through the sheers, Franco lies down beside Michael and tickles his armpits and stomach more. He tickles Michael’s belly button with the small black feather wand, then returns to his feet with a hilarious new brush. The two make out, and Michael begs to get at Franco’s cock. Franco fills Michael’s eager mouth with his hard 9 inches and fucks his face. He shoots a huge load all over Michael’s chest, and Michael cums right after. Just then, Warren enters the room and sees the mess, and Franco tells him to jump in and help finish the tickling session. Franco tickles the cum and lube into Michael’s chest while Warren switches back and forth between Michael’s feet. They both tickle Michael’s socked feet before Franco takes them off and blindfolds him with the sweaty sheers. Warren and Franco tickle Michael barefoot and up on his sides until he’s red in the face and exhausted with pleasure.

20-Year-Old Deaf Guy Barebacks


Joner is a tall, lean 20-year-old who just happens to be deaf. One of my friends met him out at a club. Since I know a little bit of sign language, I try to get him to go as far as possible. When I notice Joner’s cock swelling as I oil him down, I start stroking him. His long, thick cock is really beautiful. Joner has no problem when I grab his cock with both hands and started sucking it. I know the sign for ‘fuck’ so I show that to him. No language barrier here! Joner rubs his cock on my cheeks, then slips it up my ass like a pro. I finished Joner off by jerking him, and he looks like he’s about to blast off of the bed! Joner shoots a huge load that keeps cumming and cumming and cumming.

Tease Fucking


Since 18-year-old Gage broke up with his girlfriend, he’s back doing gay-for-pay. I do a quick check-in with Gage and Alex before getting them to undress each other. After struggling to get Gage’s skinny jeans off, I have the guys stand and face each other. Alex strokes Gage’s cock until he’s hard, then gets on his knees. Alex chokes as he tries to swallow Gage’s big dick, so I have the guys sit back down and they agree to try out my new idea. Alex lies face down and Gage mounts him, rubbing his lubed cock between Alex’s muscular butt cheeks and thighs. Gage keeps fucking Alex’s thighs and teasing his hole with his cock. When I think he’s about to get off, I separate them so I can see, but then Alex surprises me by taking his turn. He tells Gage what to do and starts thrusting. When I see the guys getting overheated, I have them sit back and jack off together. Gage busts his nut, and since he was the first to cum, he wipes it in Alex’s hair. Alex tries to get revenge by aiming for Gage’s face with his amazing projectile load.

Cameron’s Cumming


22-year-old Cameron is like a walking hard-on, always horny and looking for a release. He’ll try anything once, including sticking his dick through a hole to get his rocks off. Cameron is already hard when he opens his board shorts. I keep him on the edge by jacking his cock and sucking the head off and on. His whole body shakes and tenses as the pressure builds and he busts his huge nut.

Emanuel Tickled and Milked


Compact cruise ship dancer Emanuel is back in port, and Franco catches him for an afternoon of giggling fun. Emanuel squirms, shakes and laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his smooth sides and armpits. Franco cuts off Emanuel’s underwear and tickles Emanuel’s taint and balls with a feathery brush as he hiccups with laughter. Franco gently tickles the tip of Emanuel’s uncut cock before tickling his sweet belly button and tiny nipples. After tickling Emanuel’s lower back and thighs, Franco takes a midway snack break. He jerks Emanuel’s dick and invades his hole with his thick fingers. Franco feeds Emanuel his dick, and with one hand freed they beat off and cum at the same time. Just like the others, Emanuel thinks it’s over, but there’s plenty more! Franco takes off Emanuel’s shoes and tickles his size 7 feet, first through his socks and then bare. Emanuel tries to convince Franco to end it, but Franco just has to dig into those perfect, pretty little feet. To top it off, Franco climbs on board for one final tickle attack while Emanuel begs for him to stop.

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